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Unleash your musical potential! Enroll at our Music School and let your soul sing. Join now!
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I always look forward to my lessons. Mr. Tito and Mr. Gabriel are so welcoming! Mr.Tito is an amazing guitar teacher, I highly recommend anyone to take lessons with him
Rea Khan
The teachers at this school are very professional, knowledgeable and really care about their students. They make you feel as family and are very engaged with your progress as a musician. I highly recommend this school of music and I am blessed to be part of it.
Rene Pabon
I have been taking guitar lessons here for several years and have really enjoyed it. They do a great job and would highly recommend them to others.
Edward Clutter

Music School Groveland, FL 32806

Welcome to New World Music School of Orlando: Your Premier Music School in Groveland, FL

Why Choose New World Music School of Orlando for Music Education?

Choosing the right institution for music education is a critical decision that could shape your musical future. When it comes to selecting a music school in Groveland, FL, New World Music School of Orlando stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Our commitment to offering quality music education sets us apart from other institutions. Our certified instructors aren’t just teachers; they are professional musicians who have been carefully selected for their technical skills and passion for educating the next generation of musicians.

What makes New World Music School of Orlando unique is its holistic approach to music education. We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to cater to all levels of musicians, from beginners to professionals. Located conveniently in Orange County, we pride ourselves in fostering a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore their creativity, enhance their skills, and build confidence in their musical abilities.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment set the stage for an optimal learning experience. This allows our students to fully immerate themselves in the world of music. By choosing New World Music School of Orlando, you’re not just enrolling in a school; you’re becoming a member of a thriving community that celebrates the transformative power of music. Don’t hesitate to reach out and register for your preferred course by calling us at 407-673-2462.

Music School in Groveland, FL

Our Programs and Offerings

We understand that every student’s musical journey is different, which is why New World Music School of Orlando offers a diversified range of programs designed to meet individual needs. No matter your age or level of expertise, we have a program tailored just for you. Our music school in Groveland, FL specializes in a wide array of instruments including the piano, guitar, violin, and drums, among others.

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing skills or start from scratch, we offer group classes, one-on-one private lessons, and even flexible online courses to fit around your busy schedule. Our campus in Orange County is a hub of musical innovation, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make your learning experience unparalleled.

We also provide examination preparations, workshops, and masterclasses from renowned musicians to give our students a rounded education. To get started on your musical journey, call 407-673-2462 to consult with our educational advisors who can help you select the program best suited for your needs.

Why New World Music School of Orlando is the Perfect Choice for Residents of Orange County

For residents of Orange County, New World Music School of Orlando is more than just a music school; it’s a cultural asset that greatly contributes to the area’s artistic ecosystem. Conveniently located for easy access from all parts of Orange County, we have been a cornerstone in the community, providing exceptional music education for years. Our school has been instrumental in nurturing local talents who have gone on to achieve both national and international acclaim.

Furthermore, New World Music School of Orlando is actively involved in the local community. We collaborate with schools, participate in community events, and sponsor local music festivals. This has made us a significant contributor to the cultural richness of both Orange County and Groveland, FL. We take immense pride in being more than just an educational institution; we are a community of musicians committed to raising the bar of musical excellence.

So, why wait? Join the New World Music School of Orlando family today and open doors to endless musical opportunities. Embark on a musical journey that promises not just to educate but also to inspire. Experience the joy of music at its finest only with New World Music School of Orlando, the trusted name in music education across Groveland, FL.

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