Guitar Lessons Orange County

1. What is the thing you like most about teaching?

I enjoy sharing a knowledge that should never be hidden; there is nothing better than seeing a student enjoy what we as a teachers transmit to them.

2. How do you inspire your students to practice more?

I perform classic or popular melodies that the students would dream of playing; I motivate them to go to youtube and watch performances from various musicians and different genres.

3. What part do you feel that the recital experience plays in the development of a student?

The experience of a recital develops in a student his/her sensibility, self-esteem and increases his or her level of socialization.

4. What is your favorite type of music?

I enjoy every type of music that is well elaborate and depending where it is, of its mood and who I’m with in the moment that I’m listening. I feel vibration with a ballad or a Bach fugue or a flamenco or a ranchera. All music has its essence and its reason of being.

5. Tell me about your performances.

In my country, Colombia, I had presentations in radio and television; I was part of the international group called “Cantares” in which I was a guitarist and an arranger. In the USA, I have done radio presentations, I also have done presentations in universities, plazas and events as a soloist.

6. If you could give a quick tip to string students, what would it be?

Practice daily, be methodical, have lots of patience, never compare yourself to others, try to be original in your interpretations, always be humble and have passion for what you do.