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Discover the magic of keys! Enroll in Piano lessons today!
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I always look forward to my lessons. Mr. Tito and Mr. Gabriel are so welcoming! Mr.Tito is an amazing guitar teacher, I highly recommend anyone to take lessons with him
Rea Khan
The teachers at this school are very professional, knowledgeable and really care about their students. They make you feel as family and are very engaged with your progress as a musician. I highly recommend this school of music and I am blessed to be part of it.
Rene Pabon
I have been taking guitar lessons here for several years and have really enjoyed it. They do a great job and would highly recommend them to others.
Edward Clutter

Piano Lessons Lady Lake, FL 34747

Transform Your Music Journey with Piano Lessons in Lady Lake, FL!

Discover the Magic of Music with New World Music School of Orlando

At New World Music School of Orlando, we believe that everyone has a melody within them, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Located in the heart of Lady Lake, FL, we have been the cornerstone of musical education for many in Orange County. Our dedicated team of instructors brings their passion and expertise to every lesson, ensuring that you not only learn the keys but also feel the emotion and history behind each note. With over a decade of experience in Orange County, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of piano lessons for individuals of all ages.

New World Music School of Orlando is not just another music school. We are a community, a family of music lovers and learners. Our philosophy revolves around personalized learning. We understand that every student is unique, and so is their learning curve. That’s why at New World Music School of Orlando, you’re not just another student; you’re an individual with a unique musical journey.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, New World Music School of Orlando in Lady Lake, FL is the place to be. Give us a call at 407-673-2462 to book your first lesson.

Why Choose Piano Lessons at New World Music School of Orlando

If you’re in Orange County, you might wonder why you should choose New World Music School of Orlando for your piano lessons in Lady Lake, FL. The reasons are plentiful!

Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are not only qualified but also passionate about teaching. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each lesson, ensuring you get the best possible instruction.

Personalized Lessons: At New World Music School of Orlando, we recognize that every student has their own pace and style. Our lessons are tailored to fit your needs, ensuring maximum growth and enjoyment.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Located in Lady Lake, FL, our facilities are equipped with the latest instruments and technology. This ensures that you learn in an environment that is both conducive to learning and musically enriching.

Piano Lessons in Lady Lake, FL

Community Engagement: New World Music School of Orlando is deeply rooted in Orange County. We frequently organize events, recitals, and performances, giving our students the opportunity to showcase their talent and gain real-world experience.

Affordable Rates: Quality should not come at an exorbitant price. At New World Music School of Orlando, we offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of instruction.

Have questions or want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our friendly staff is always ready to help. Call us today at 407-673-2462.

Embark on Your Musical Journey in Orange County

The world of music is vast, and the piano is one of its most expressive instruments. Taking piano lessons in Lady Lake, FL at New World Music School of Orlando can be one of the most fulfilling decisions of your life. As the renowned saying goes, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” And we’ve seen this transformation firsthand in Orange County.

Every lesson at New World Music School of Orlando is a step towards discovering a new aspect of yourself. Music is not just about playing notes; it’s about expressing emotions, telling stories, and connecting with others on a deeper level. And the piano, with its wide range and versatility, is the perfect instrument for this exploration.

Orange County has been home to many musical talents, and with New World Music School of Orlando, we aim to continue this legacy. We invite you to be a part of this wonderful journey. Dive deep into the world of chords, melodies, and rhythms in Lady Lake, FL and let your soul resonate with the beauty of music.

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