Guitar Lessons Orange County

Learning the guitar is a massive step for any beginner. You have already chosen to perfect your skills. So, now, what next?

Practicing your chords is the first step to undertake for any beginner. There are seven basic guitar chords each beginner needs to learn in the first few frets of the guitar.

The basic chords to learn first

  • Basic Em guitar chord (E Minor Chord) is the first beginning chord. Not only is it easy, but it is commonly used in different songs
  • Basic C or C Major is the second guitar chord any beginner should learn, and it is widely used
  • D Major forms a unique triangular shape when playing
  • E Major
  • A Major
  • A Minor
  • G Major

You can change C-A-G-E-D-Em-Am shapes to stacks of other chord shapes that play up the guitar neck when playing. These are known as barre chords.

E major and E minor are the best two-guitar chords to learn first. Both are easy to play.

Two steps to follow when practicing beginning guitar chords are:

  • Play the notes of the chord individually, ensuring all notes are sounding
  • When practicing, switch between different chords while maintaining a steady beat

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