Drum Lessons Orange County

You have finally started taking drumming lessons and feel the need to perfect your skills. You are now looking for a new kit to practice your newfound skills. Maybe your budget is holding you back on the type of set to purchase.

Before buying a drum set kit, some things to consider are if it has a good sound, durability, and a kit that is easy to play. You need a drum set that will last you through your entire learning journey.


There are several drum sets, and below is a compilation of some of the best recommendations for any beginner.

  • The Gretsch Catalina Club drum set has outstanding longevity and versatility. It is very affordable and an all-rounder for any beginner
  • Ludwig Breakbeats is much more than a beginner’s set. Because of its size, it is easily portable even behind a taxi. It may appear small, but it has a much bigger sound
  • Pearl Export EXX is the most common set for any beginner. It is perfect for most styles that a beginner will need
  • Yamaha Rydeen is known to deliver classic quality as it is manufactured using high-quality instruments for all levels. It is a good bargain for any beginner because of its affordable price

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