Violin Lessons Orange County

A violin is a unique instrument known for its beautiful and versatile sound. They are known to be among the complex instruments in music that require much practice to master.

Violin lessons are expensive, just like the instrument itself. Many people opt for the cheaper study model to find out if they can settle and make a bigger financial investment once they are done with violin basics.

Any beginner considering the magical world of the bow-string instrument should closely follow the five useful tips given below.

Tune your Violin

It is important always to tune your violin before you start playing. It is vital, considering most violins are made of wood and are sensitive to temperature and humidity shifts.

Loosen the bow when not in use

Always release the tension by loosening your bow when not in use, even when taking a short break. Doing so will extend the lifespan of the bow.

No Rosin, No Sound

Rosin is essential for ensuring great sound out of your violin. You will need to regularly wipe down your violin with a soft cloth to keep the rosin dust from building up.

Replace the Strings

It is recommended to replace your violin’s strings at least once a year since they can wear out or can break. Replace them one by one.

Playing Posture

It is important to play with the right posture to prevent injury. A shoulder rest helps relieve pressure on your neck. 

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