Violin Lessons Orange County

Violins are the most popular classical instruments globally. You may be confused on the type of violin to buy. There are different types to select from that will suit you.

As a beginner, you are looking for a violin that is affordable and good quality. You also want to consider things like sound, looks, quality, accessories, and instrument expertise.

The list below entails some of the best beginner violins.

Stentor 1400

The Stentor 1400 is a classic beginner’s violin size for kids. If you are looking for a smaller sized violin, this particular type is a good choice for smaller children

Stentor 1500

The Stentor 1500 is a good size for any adult or teenage beginner. It is crafted with full ebony fittings and a solid spruce top. The violin has good sound, and it is affordable.

Crescent Starter

If you are not so keen on quality, then the crescent starter violin can work for you. It is cheap and adds good value considering that you get a bow, rosin, a turner, and a case.

Cecilio CVN-300

The Cecilio CVN-300 offers many extra things such as two bows, quality rosin, adjustable shoulder rest, a lesson book, a different bridge, a chromatic tuner, and it comes already strung. It is finished with antique varnish.

Aileen Solid Wood Ebony

The Aileen solid ebony is perfect for any beginner. Its tone is nice, and the general feeling is pleasant. It comes with a bow, hard case, rosin, and stickers.

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