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Are you a beginner drummer and wondering which the best drum set is for you? It can be a bit tricky for a beginner to decide the type of drum set you want to purchase.

Some things to consider before purchasing a drum set include noise, space, playability, cost, and portability, among others.

Below is a comparison between the electronic drum and the acoustic drum set that will guide a beginner on where to begin.

Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums

  • The Noise

An acoustic drum kit is a potential show-stopper when it comes to noise, and you cannot enjoy the sound on drum mutes or deadheads.

On the other hand, electronic drums offer their sampled sounds through the volume adjustable headphones and line outputs.

  • Space

Acoustic drum kits tend to be big; even the smallest in size will occupy much space. The electronic drum, its racking, small pads and kick tower are compact and can fit in a small-sized space.

  • Portability

Electronic drum kits fold easily and are readily manageable and easy to transport. The acoustic alternative rarely packs down and requires separate cases for each drum, cymbals, and hardware.

  • Cost

Electronic drums are pricier as compared to acoustic drum sets. For beginners on a budget, an acoustic drum set will be the best purchase as you gradually move to the electronic drum set.

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